How to Send Healing Energy

It is best if you are very relaxed and free from emotional stress so the healing intentional energy can flow freely. Your intent should be solely for the recipient’s benefit and not covertly biased with benefits that you may gain. Your desires and intention should be entirely focused on their wellbeing and benefit.

The power of intention must come from the heart (or core) of our being. The energy will be weaker if you are having ‘just nice thoughts’ without sincere desire and strong intention powering those good thoughts. Your mind and spirit should be relaxed and be focused on seeing healing taking place for the recipient/s and then seeing them in a vibrant, joyous state of feeling overwhelming healing energy.

  1. Open the web page with the ‘healing hand of energetic thought’ – (this is the HOME page).
  2. Place yourself in a very relaxed state of mind.
  3. Close your eyes and feel a connection of your mind and spirit with your universal healing energy ‘Source’ and/or religious belief.
  4. While you are filled with this calm, relaxed, healing energy ask that the Source use you as a conduit for healing energy to flow through you into the healing hand and that it be available now and whenever any person in need (including your particular recipient if any) accesses the hand. Don’t try to force the healing just picture the energy ‘flowing’ abundantly. Once you have this picture in your mind, feel free to send a blessing with the healing energy, or read from our Script for Sending Healing Energy.
  5. Rub your palms together in a circular motion for a few seconds while asking that the healing energy flow from your right hand to the hand on the screen. You can then place your hand over the hand on the screen, or just a few inches/centimetres away if you prefer. Visualise and imagine the sensation of the energy flowing through you into the hand on the screen. When you feel this transfer is complete thank your ‘Source’ and remove your hand.

After you have completed this exercise in healing energy …

1. Send an invitation to your recipient

If your healing intent is for a particular person or group of people, you can send a copy of the ‘Healing Hand of Energy’ by e-mail by simply completing the form below.

The recipient will receive an email with the senders name in the ‘Subject’ line (e.g. A healing hand sent by David Norman).

Under no circumstances will email addresses be published.
The email will contain an invitation and link to the relevant ‘Healing Hand’ page where your recipient can visually ‘receive’ his/her/their healing energy by using the suggested ‘Receiving’ Healing Energy’ script or one of their own.

Sending Healing Energy

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