Healing Love Energy

How this Healing Hand of Love works

This site’s Healing Hand of Love provides people of the world the opportunity to share their energy of love with others they know, or to whomever is in need of some love in their life.

If you know someone who is lacking love in their life or simply needs an emotional lift, you (the Giver) can focus your intention to share your love with them through the Healing Hand of Love. You can then invite this individual to visit the Healing Hand in person to Receive this love energy, or accept it via email.

People who know they have an abundance of love to give can simply ‘deposit’ love via the Healing Hand of Love, with the intention that it is available to ANY site visitor who is feeling in need of some love! Visitors who desire to Receive love can do so knowing many great people who care for and love humanity as a whole, have left their loving intentions for them.

As more and more people around the world leave their loving intention energy via the Healing Hand of Love, the more powerful a symbol and source of love energy it becomes.

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Sending Love?
If you are sending love to someone, click the hand above or click the “How To Send Healing Energy” box in the right hand column.
Are You a Recipient?
If you have received our notification that you’re a recipient of love, click the “How To Receive Love” box in the right hand column to get started.