Healing Energy

We created this healing web site to have a single common place where people of the world can add or ‘deposit’ their healing energy, not only toward a particular individual they care about, but for any and all people in need and desire for healing energy.

For thousands of years humans have been using thought energy transference and various ‘belief’ methods to heal and support each other. Though ‘Shaman’ is a common name given to the select few that use these ‘powers’, there are many terms and applied trades across all continents of the world e.g. witchdoctors, high priest, healing gurus etc. The power of the mind and the energy it can channel may not be fully understood by these people but, nevertheless, it’s no less effective. It’s worked for centuries and works now as part of the universal energy network regardless of whether people believe it or understand it.

In recent years it has become more readily accepted that there are healing energies generated from within and without our physical bodies that can produce what, at times, seem to be miraculous results. Some of these seem to defy what ‘traditional’ western medicine deemed possible. It is proposed that by using focused thought, people create a ‘thought energy’ that can penetrate all time and space.

You may have already heard or read of instances where the phenomena of seemingly miraculous healings and/or other significant events have occurred when there has been a mass thought, intent or will exerted toward a common desired result.

Sending Healing Energy?
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Are You a Recipient?
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The act of sending healing energy is an intention that works specifically for individual recipients and, at the same time, also works exponentially through a global network of healing energy to all humankind.

Although some may view the ‘Healing Hands’ on this site as mere graphics, be assured that the healing intention focused toward others while using these hands as a visual conduit for energy, makes them VERY powerful symbols of healing. Recipients know that many other healing intention donors have touched and focused on this very hand from which they are receiving their healing energy.

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